Saturday, 13 September 2014

If so, the new Opel Antara 2015?

In China, the new Buick Envision was launched recently at the auto show in the tens of millions metropolis Chengdu. That should a normal Europeans initially interested only once so burning, as if the giant empire falls over a bag of rice. But considering that this car probably contributes to 98% of the genes from the new Opel Antara, which should be well presented to the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, then it is correct but again interesting. How much is provided by the China-SUV GM subsidiary on the grounds flash, learn it in this article.
If so, the new Opel Antara 2015?

We still do not know definitively how the new Opel Antara looks, which is clearly presented in 2015, but the Photoshop professionals of Designrm have ever broken their head about what is likely to expect. But they also had the one right near-series model: the just in China Buick Envision presented. Although the will not to Europe, but it gives a good view of the new SUV from Rüsselsheim. After eight years of the Ur-Antara was already dilapidated by the years and it is now time for a proper update.
If so, the new Opel Antara 2015?
The Buick is taken from the German GM subsidiary all appearances, almost 1 to 1. Only the grill gets a flash, the Opel cockpit is equipped with a steering wheel and from the Opel engine range you should probably choose units that best meet the tastes of Europeans. In the petrol, the 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine is probably prevail with 170 and 200 hp for the German market. A diesel engine stands here of course immediately apparent: the new 2.0-liter diesel that currently exist in the Insignia with 120, 140 and 163 hp. As the new Antara ultimately comes to us, we will probably find out at the latest at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. We stay for you at the thing off.

Source : © Designrm, GM Corp.

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